We plan, produce and install plants for excluding and a dividing of meat products of each kind.

In order to become fair the characteristic each plant, is the entire authority of fletec at the disposal around plants in each size to carry out. This happens under adjustment to the conditions of the customer regarding its surrounding field, its available personnel and its existing material.

By our know-how and the partnership with our customers we offer custom-made procedures and solutions, in order to furnish the desired achievement.

Productivity, output and hygiene, as well as ergonomics are considered starting from the start of the project and to make us possible to guarantee optimized results in the entire plant.

fletec offers systems for dividing and excluding for:

  • pigs: Traditional system or "Danish" method of
  • cattle: vertical or horizontal excluding
  • poultry: divide on shell volume
  • sheep: traditional dividing

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As well as the appropriate equipment:

Transportation volumes pinchroll courses meat sort tables, workbenches circular conveyor, mechanical saw plates sorting and balancing automatic production administration with the sorting of the by-products automatic division saw mechanized